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Arizona’s medical cannabis policies offer a lot of protection for people who use cannabis for medical purposes. For example, if you have a medical cannabis card, but your drug test at work shows that you have used cannabis recently, your employer cannot fire you based on that test result. The Medical Marijuana Act does not, however, turn the entire state of Arizona into one big Pink Floyd planetarium show. The law still prohibits smoking marijuana in public places, and while the new law does a lot to protect medical cannabis patients from workplace discrimination, it does not allow them to bring cannabis products to work if they work in a school or prison.  Likewise, individual nursing homes can set their own policies about possession and consumption of cannabis by patients on their premises.

What about driving, though? The Medical Marijuana Act has removed the stigma from cannabis at work. It implicitly acknowledges that medical cannabis users can behave responsibly while using cannabis. If it is legal to toke and work (at most jobs), does that mean that it is legal to toke and drive? The answer is not as simple as you might think. You might even want to get professional legal advice before you drive home from a midnight screening of the Harold and Kumar movies.

You can Transport Your Weed in the Car, but do Not Drive While Stoned

If you have a medical cannabis card, then you can legally possess small quantities of marijuana.  As long as you do not smoke it in public or take it to places where it is strictly prohibited, and as long as you do not have more cannabis in your possession than what the law deems permissible for medical use, then simply carrying a bag of weed in your pocket is perfectly legal. If a police officer pulls you over and finds weed in your car, just show your medical marijuana card, and the officer cannot arrest you for illegal possession of cannabis.

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That said, medical cannabis users still have a responsibility to drive safely. It is illegal to drive while impaired, whether the substance that is inhibiting your ability to drive is legal or not.  Think about the prescription drugs that come with warnings not to drive while taking them. It is perfectly legal to take allergy medicine that makes you drowsy, but if it impairs your ability to drive safely, then you should let someone else give you a ride. If you have a medical cannabis card, then possessing small quantities of cannabis is legal, but unsafe driving is not.


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