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MRI, brain, TBI, lawyer, attorney, schmidtOne of the biggest celebrity news stories of 2009 was the unexpected death of Natasha Richardson. Her name had appeared in celebrity magazines before, most often in the context that she was part of a family that contained many famous actors, or that she and her husband Liam Neeson had one of the rare happy marriages among Hollywood stars. Richardson died from a head injury that she suffered during a skiing accident. At first, she seemed fine after the accident; she only started showing symptoms the next day, and by the time she sought treatment, doctors could not save her. The time between Richardson’s injury and death was only a few days, but sometimes the severity of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) takes even longer to become apparent.


What is Traumatic Brain Injury, and When Does it Show Symptoms?

The mildest form of TBI is a concussion. If you have ever gotten a concussion playing sports, you probably felt worse a few days after it happened than you did right after you got hit on the head. Several days after your injury, you might have experienced severe headaches and sensitivity to light, and you might even have experienced a phenomenon where, one moment, you were walking normally, and the next, you lost consciousness without warning.

If you just had one concussion and then recovered, consider yourself lucky. Repeated head injuries can have long-lasting effects, beyond the headaches of the first few weeks after the injury. Consider that, for at least the last 20 years of his life, Muhammad Ali suffered from Parkinson’s syndrome because of the repeated head trauma he sustained during his boxing career.

Parkinson’s syndrome is just one of the neurological diseases that can result from TBI, and repeated mild head trauma can be as much a risk factor for neurological disease as one serious injury. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a brain disease that often takes at least eight years before it shows symptoms. Its symptoms include difficulty thinking and concentrating, behavioral and mood problems, and memory loss. The movie Concussion is about Dr. Bennet Omalu’s work diagnosing and treating CTE in professional football players.


Your Symptoms Might be Because of an Old Injury

A head injury you suffered a long time ago, whether through sports or in an accident, could cause neurological symptoms many years later. If you are experiencing symptoms like tremors or memory loss, consult a physician, who may refer you to a neurologist. Your injury could be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit if the accident was because of someone’s negligence or if you were allowed to play sports under unsafe conditions, such as participating in school football practice without a helmet.


Contact Eric Schmidt About Traumatic Brain Injuries

TBI can be devastating, but properly managing your condition with appropriate medical care can greatly improve your quality of life. If you have suffered a TBI in an accident, consult a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. Contact Eric Schmidt in Phoenix, Arizona to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit.


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