If you’ve lost a loved one to the negligent act of others and you are a spouse, child, or parent of the deceased, you can file a claim.

 Under what circumstances can a wrongful death claim be filed?

     In order for a claim to be filed “the individual, corporation or government entity will have engaged in negligent conduct” (A.R.S. 12-611). This simply means that the death must have occurred in a situation where the defendant failed to provide satisfactory attention and care in order to prevent injuries to others.

 Who can file a wrongful death claim in Arizona?

  • Spouse/Personal representative of the spouse

  • Child/Personal representative of the child

  • Parent/Legal guardian

  • Personal representative of the deceased person’s estate

  • EXCLUSIONS: Same-sex partners, siblings, and common law spouses ARE NOT entitled to filing a wrongful death claim

How long do I have to file a claim?

     You need to file a claim IMMEDIATELY with The Schmidt Law Group. Please call The Schmidt Law Group to assist you in filing this claim.