filing an airbnb lawsuit in az

When Your Airbnb Experience Goes Bad

Airbnb listings have become the go-to for people who want an affordable and authentic vacation experience. This type of rental allows you to immerse yourself in local culture while enjoying a comfortable and attractive room or home. This particular industry has grown at an astounding rate. In fact, worldwide Airbnb listingshave surpassed four million.

Most customers are satisfied with their experience in these Airbnb homes and apartments, which is the main reason Airbnb has thrived in the last decade. Of course, booking an Airbnb residence does have some risk. You may not get exactly what you were hoping for and go home disappointed. In rare instances, your visit can go really wrong. Sometimes, your health may even be in danger. If you have a bad Airbnb stay, even an out-of-state one, you do have legal options. Sometimes, a personal injury suit is called for.

Airbnb Liability

If you are injured during your stay at an Airbnb or if your belongings are damaged, your landlord’s insuranceprobably will not cover it unless they have purchased the right commercial insurance. Many Airbnb hosts expect their own homeowner’s policy to cover these issues and do not invest in additional coverage. So, if you are injured on their stairs or your children are hurt on their play equipment, the landlord will not be protected. You might be exposed to unhealthy conditions such as black mold, which can cause serious respiratory issues. If you are harmed during your stay, the cost of your healthcare and lost wages may be immense, and your Airbnb host may not be able or willing to cover the cost. In that instance, you will need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer to get the financial settlement that you need.

Arizona Legal Options

If you are an Arizona resident, Schmidt Law Group can represent you in an Airbnb lawsuit. In fact, they recently helped a family who had a horrifying experience in a California Airbnb. This family was unaware of any issue with their rental until the first night. When they turned out the lights before going to sleep, bats emerged from their hiding places and swarmed the place. The family had no choice but to chase the bats out of the house themselves, despite the danger of being bitten.

Once the bats were out, their problems continued. None of the family members were certain if they had been bitten or not, so they were forced to undergo expensive precautionary shots to protect them from rabies. Each of these shots cost $10,000, and the family had four members. That’s $40,000 just for the medication, and that amount doesn’t include the family’s time and distress. This vacation had quickly turned into a frightening and expensive nightmare. Worse, the host’s insurance policy did not want to pay up.

Schmidt Law Group took on the case and fought for the family, winning a $150,000 settlement against the Airbnb’s insurance policy. This amount could not make up for the trauma of the experience, but it paid for medical expenses, loss of wages and emotional distress. Although bats may not often be involved in lawsuits, Airbnb rentals have been the site of a number of injuries and, occasionally, fatalities.

Protect Yourself

Before you rent an Airbnb, do your research. Read the reviews of the home or apartment hosts, study the rules and know exactly what to expect. You should also ask a number of questions before committing to the rental. Of course, you should expect that the rental is pest and bat free, but go ahead and ask your potential hosts to confirm this fact. They are used to being questioned, and quality participants in the program welcome a chance to address all of your concerns. Also, be certain to inquire about their commercial insurance status. It’s important to know what liability protection they have in case something does go wrong.

You should also have realistic expectations about your stay. An Airbnb is not a hotel and will not offer the amenities that a hotel does. If your hosts are on site, they are there to be friendly and helpful but not to wait on you. They are expected to be truthful and fulfill any promises they have made you. Airbnb also has rules and regulations on how you and the hosts are expected to behave. Study these regulations before you rent.

The Schmidt Law Group

The Schmidt Law Group has been a premier personal injury firm for years. They are well-versed on all aspects of the law in this area, including regulations that affect Airbnb stays. At The Schmidt Law Group, they offer you a free case evaluation, so you know where you stand before committing to legal action. When The Schmidt Law Group takes your case, they never ask for a retainer. In fact, you will not pay a cent until Schmidt Law wins a settlement for you. The firm is committed to seeking the best outcome possible for you and your family.

You deserve to be protected whether you are in your home state of Arizona or on a trip to New York City. A bad Airbnb experience is more than a bad vacation. Instead of wasting your vacation days, you can lose your health and your peace of mind. If you are injured or your possessions damaged, the effects can follow you for years. Instead of enjoying deserved time off, you may end up wishing you’d never left home. Plus, the medical expenses can be overwhelming. If you have had a dangerous or damaging Airbnb stay, contact The Schmidt Law Group for guidance. Their experienced attorneys can help you get the settlement that you deserve. Call (602) 282-0047 today for more information.