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Criminal Defense in Arizona

You may not anticipate ever needing a criminal defense lawyer, but thousands of people in Arizona end up needing a strong defense attorney every year. Life frequently gets complicated and messy. If you are indicted for a crime, you will need expert legal help to navigate the legal system. Arizona criminal law has much in […]


Do You Have the Insurance Coverage that You Need?

Every driver needs insurance, but getting the right amount of coverage can be tricky. At the minimum, you need to meet Arizona state insurance requirements, but buying liability coverage is seldom enough. You should have enough insurance to pay for repairs to your car in case of a collision and to protect yourself if you […]

Product Dangers and Your Rights

Nearly every day, you hear of some product being recalled due to a flaw in design, a defective part or harmful ingredient. Cars, baby strollers, food items: these are just a few of the things recalled due to safety concerns. Unfortunately, these problems are often not spotted until someone is harmed by a product. In […]

Everything You Need To Know About Filing An Airbnb Lawsuit In AZ

When Your Airbnb Experience Goes Bad Airbnb listings have become the go-to for people who want an affordable and authentic vacation experience. This type of rental allows you to immerse yourself in local culture while enjoying a comfortable and attractive room or home. This particular industry has grown at an astounding rate. In fact, worldwide Airbnb […]

Medical Liens: What Are Your Options?

If you’ve been injured in a car collision or another type of accident, you may have filed a personal injury suit to recover medical costs, lost wages, etc. from whoever was at fault. In many instances, these lawsuits provide the help you need to fully recover, both physically and financially, from an accident. Of course, […]

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim for Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is rampant. In fact, the third leading cause of death in the United States is medical error, a truly frightening statistic. Every year, approximately 250,000Americans die as a result of mistakes with their treatment. Only heart disease and cancer kill more people annually. Arizona residentsare also victims of medical error as well as preventable harm, […]