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Slip and Fall Accidents: Who and What Are to Blame?

On any given day, you could slip on a slick spot or catch your heel in a sidewalk crack, falling hard and hurting yourself. Slip and fall accidents are quite common and are responsible for an untold number of injuries each year. Because they are so commonplace, you may not realize what a threat they […]

Motorcycle Safety: Rules That Make Sense

Arizona motorcycle riders are in love with their bikes and the beautiful scenery the state offers. Therefore, they are sometimes resistant to safety measures they believe may lessen their experience, even though these steps might save their lives. The motorcycle life is hazardous, though, and statistics illustrate this reality. Motorcycle fatalities are 28 timesthose of […]

The I-10 and Trucking Accidents in Arizona

Arizona, like a number of other states, faces problems with its infrastructure, including issues with its highways. Interstate 10 is considered one of the most dangerous roads in America, placing 18th on America’s 100 Deadliest Highways’ list. The dangers of this road are evident in the number of fatalities that occur on I-10 each year. […]

Wrongful Death Claims in Arizona

No matter the cause, the death of a loved one is shattering. When the death is not due to natural causes, it is even more devastating to the victim’s friends and family. Some of these “unnatural” deaths are truly accidents, caused by forces beyond anyone’s control. Others are caused by people’s negligence or by brutal […]

Arizona Motorcycle Dangers

Motorcyclists enjoy their adventures on the road. Most love their bikes and cannot imagine giving up this mode of transportation, despite its many dangers. Motorcyclists are much more likely to be injuredor killed during a traffic accident than other motorists. They are simply more vulnerable to injury since they do not have the protection of […]

Holiday Season Accidents: Truck Dangers

The holiday season revolves around the nation’s roads. Most of the necessary gifts and supplies are transported across the country, usually by large trucks. Families put many miles on their vehicles as they travel to family gatherings, some hundreds of miles away. All of this traffic leads to a high number of motor vehicle accidents, […]

FAQs About Wrongful Death Claims in Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions About Wrongful Death Claims in Arizona A wrongful death lawsuit has much in common with a personal injury lawsuit, except that the person who suffered a devastating injury or illness because of the defendant’s negligence is no longer around to sue for damages on his or her own behalf. One similarity between […]