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Can I Sue My Employer for Negligence if I Get Injured on the Job?

Most accidental injuries are no one’s fault; no one could have foreseen or prevented them. Therefore, most accidents are not grounds for a lawsuit. Employers, however, almost always bear some sort of responsibility when their employees get injured at work. Therefore, businesses must carry workers’ compensation insurance in order to cover the costs of medical […]

Why is My Case Going to Court?

If your only information about the legal profession came from movies and television, you could easily think that lawyers always dress fancy and that they spend a big part of their work week in a courtroom, arguing cases in front of a judge. In real life, though, lawyers spend a lot more time outside the […]

Using a Dashcam can Prove Who is at Fault for an Accident

A professor of criminal justice used to do a class exercise with her students in which, during a lecture in the middle of the semester, the professor’s husband would enter the classroom and say that he needed to talk to her about something important. They would then leave the classroom together, and she would return […]

I was in a Car Accident: What do I do Now?

When you learn to drive, you focus on how to avoid accidents. If you apply what you learned in Driver’s Ed, you can, in fact, avoid most accidents. You cannot, however, control what other drivers do, and sometimes it simply is not possible to avoid a collision. If you are involved in a car accident, […]

How Much is My Case Worth? It Depends!

Clickbait news stories often tell of people winning enormous settlements in personal injury lawsuits. The goal of these news stories is either to play on people’s fantasies of, “If only I could get injured under the right circumstances, I could be rich,” or to inspire outrage at plaintiffs bringing frivolous lawsuits about accidents that can […]

Why Does My Car Insurance Claim Take So Long?

There is no convenient time for a car accident, no matter how minor. In the movie Changing Lanes, Samuel L. Jackson’s character gets into a minor fender bender on the way to a child custody hearing, in which he hopes to impress the judge with his continued record of sobriety and financial stability so that […]