does a lawyers experience make a difference

Most people hope never to have to hire a lawyer for a personal injury case, so when the need actually arises, they often do not know how to choose. Some lawyers advertise with splashy billboards and noisy advertisements on TV, while others let their accomplishments speak for themselves. Many lawyers offer free consultations, after which point they charge an hourly rate, so if a lawyer charges more, does that mean that he or she is more successful and sought-after? Is it better to choose an older lawyer who has been in practice for many years or a younger one whose law school education is the most up to date? How important is it that a lawyer has dealt with cases similar to yours?

How to Choose a Lawyer

The first criterion for choosing a lawyer is whether the Arizona State Bar has actually certified your lawyer to practice law in the state of Arizona. Believe it or not, there are some fraudulent lawyers out there trying to offer their services illegally. Contact the Bar association in your county to make sure your lawyer is the real thing. After that, make sure the lawyer is licensed to practice law in your county. Even the best lawyer cannot help you if he or she cannot take on cases in your county. Once you find lawyers who can practice law in your county, consider where their offices are and how easily you can get to them. Then do some research on the lawyer’s reputation. You can read online reviews on public websites, but those might not give you a balanced view. If you see negative reviews for a lawyer, keep in mind that people often post their grievances anonymously online just to let off steam, and you are only hearing one side of the story. Look for specific and recurring comments that former clients make about the lawyer. Even better, contact the Better Business Bureau to see whether former clients have filed formal complaints against the law firm.

Choose a Lawyer or Law Firm That Concentrates on the Practice Area of Your Case

If possible, choose a law firm that only deals with cases related to a specific area of law. For personal injury cases, your best choice is a law firm that only deals with personal injury law. A lawyer who always has to shift gears among different areas of law (for example, personal injury, family law, immigration, and intellectual property) will not be able to give your case as much attention as one who is just dealing with different personal injury cases. A lawyer who just takes personal injury cases will be very knowledgeable about recent changes in personal injury case law.

Eric Schmidt Exclusively Deals with Personal Injury Cases

Eric Schmidt only works with personal injury cases, including vehicular accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and nursing home abuse. Contact Eric Schmidt in Phoenix, Arizona for a consultation about your personal injury case.