rental car insurance laws and tips in Arizona

Should I Buy the Insurance from Rental Car Agencies?

A popular saying in the world of personal finance advises you not to be insurance-poor. The cost of insurance premiums can add up, but having insurance versus not having it can be the difference between a few bills that make you cringe and an…
insurance company settlement offer personal injury lawsuit

Is the Insurance Company Offering Me Enough for My Injury?

Not having insurance can be financially ruinous, for example, if your house suffers major damage in a storm and you do not have homeowners’ insurance, or if you have to pay for even a minor surgery without health insurance. Although insurance…
why does my car insurance claim take so long

Why Does My Car Insurance Claim Take So Long?

There is no convenient time for a car accident, no matter how minor. In the movie Changing Lanes, Samuel L. Jackson’s character gets into a minor fender bender on the way to a child custody hearing, in which he hopes to impress the judge with…