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As anyone who has taken a cross-country road trip on a motorcycle can attest, Arizona is one of the best places in the United States for bikers. The warm, dry climate means that the weather is almost always motorcycle-friendly. The even better news about motorcycle riding in Arizona is that the number of motorcycle accidents in Arizona has been steadily decreasing in recent years.  Here are some things that motorcycle riders in Arizona can do to stay safe and to avoid motorcycle accidents.

motorcycle, accident, bike, highway, schmidt, accident, lawyer, attorney

Arizona Laws Related to Motorcycle Safety

Some matters of motorcycle safety are not simply a matter of common sense; they are the law.  These are some motorcycle-related Arizona laws:

  • License requirements: You must have a class M driver’s license to operate a motorcycle legally in Arizona. The minimum age to get a class M driver’s license is 16. You must take a vision test when taking your other tests to get a class M license; if your vision requires correction, then you must wear your glasses or contact lenses whenever you ride your motorcycle.
  • Maneuvers on the road test: To get a class M license, you must demonstrate the ability to turn, stop safely, and swerve out of the way of obstacles.
  • Protective gear: You must wear a helmet, gloves, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, shoes that cover the ankles, and eye protection during the road test and when operating your motorcycle.
  • Child passengers: Children may ride as passengers on motorcycles. They must sit directly behind the driver and must wear helmets and other protective gear.

Use Good Judgment to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Ordinary caution is an important part of safe motorcycle riding. While there are not specific laws about how much rain has to be on the ground for it to be illegal to ride a motorcycle, for example, these are some safety guidelines that motorcycle riders should follow.

  • Avoid slippery surfaces: The most dangerous part of riding a motorcycle in rainy weather is right after the rain starts because there is still oil on the road that the rain has not yet washed away. It is also dangerous to ride on gravel, mud, leaf-covered surfaces, oil spots, and steel plates.
  • Beware of dogs: Dogs like to chase motorcycles. You should reduce your speed when riding near dogs.
  • Pulling off the road safely: Make sure you have enough room to pull off the road and to leave sufficient distance between your stopped bike and the traffic. Signal before you get off the road, and move to the side slowly instead of making a sharp turn.

Contact Eric Schmidt About Cases Related to Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycle accidents sometimes still happen even when motorcycle riders do everything in their power to avoid hazards and dangers. If your motorcycle accident was the result of negligence on the part of another driver or property owner, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Contact Eric Schmidt in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss your case.