rules and regulations for bike riders in Arizona

Before you get a learner’s permit to learn to drive a car, you must study the traffic safety laws and demonstrate thorough knowledge of them. Downloading the document to study for the traffic law test is a rite of passage for many teenagers, as picking up the booklet from the DMV was for their parents. Even though every driver in Arizona had to learn the road safety rules, not every bike rider has had to prove his or her knowledge of bike safety rules. Many bicyclists learned to ride bikes when they were too young to read anything more complex than Green Eggs and Ham. Therefore, bicycle accidents, including those involving a bicycle colliding with a motor vehicle, are a major cause of serious injuries.

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Laws About Bicycle Safety in Arizona

According to Arizona law, bicycle riders have a right to ride on public roads, and bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers must both observe safety rules to ensure that they can successfully share the road. These are some Arizona laws that apply specifically to bicycle riders.

  • Every bicycle rider must have his or her own bike seat (saddle). Two adults may ride on the same bike together, but only if the bike has two saddles. Young children may ride in child seats attached to an adult’s bike instead of on bike saddles.
  • Every bicycle must have at least one brake. The brake must be strong enough to make the wheel skid.
  • When riding in the bike lane of a roadway open to vehicular traffic, or when riding on a sidewalk or road, bicyclists must ride single file or two across. Exclusive bike paths, such as those found in parks, are the only places where you can ride three or more bikes across.
  • When your bike is in motion, you must hold onto the handlebars with at least one hand.
  • When riding your bike, you cannot attach it to another vehicle, nor can you hold onto another vehicle with your hands while riding your bike. You may transport your bike by attaching it to a car, truck, or van, but you cannot sit on the bike while it is being transported.

Ways to Stay Safe While Riding a Bike

Observing the following safety guidelines can help prevent bicycle accidents and can reduce injuries if accidents occur.

  • Always wear a helmet when riding your bike.
  • Signal before turning or passing so that drivers and other bicyclists can anticipate your moves.
  • Ride to the right, as far away from vehicular traffic as possible. Keep a safe distance from potholes, manhole covers, iron gratings, and other potential hazards.
  • Ride during daylight hours whenever possible. For nighttime riding, equip your bike with headlights and red rear reflectors.

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